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Never hiccupped once

I just experienced a three-dog jailbreak. And they had at least fifteen-minute head start on me. Escaped through three open doors. Massive failure on my part. I grabbed my phone and opened Fi, and initiated Lost Dog Mode. Immediately I knew which direction to head. I was amazed at how far they'd gotten. Only our Husky had a tracker, but the other two were right behind her. Within minutes I had them in sight. I got a hold of the Beagles right away. The Husky decided to play games. Fortunately, she was distracted by another dog down in the campground they were traipsing around in (and oh yea, they went for a lake swim, too). With Husky in hand, we haded home for treats. Fi never hiccupped once. I had immediate location updates, even with very hilly terrain and trees. Fi proved itself today!

Christopher G.
5 days ago

Great product

This morning my Catahoula/coon hound mix, Chai, took off after a deer. We found her in 15 minutes, about 1.5 miles away, thanks to her Fi collars. Thank you, Fi, for your great product and your superb customer service!

Kyla B.
5 days ago

Ollie's Angels worker holding puppies
1600 miles,
21 puppies,
1 Subaru.

When the coronavirus pandemic threatened the closure of one shelter in South Carolina, Ollie’s Angels did what they always do - came to the rescue.

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Helped me get my escape artist back!

This is the best! I got it for my dog in December because he's an escape artist... today I was at work and I got an alert that my dog left home... because of that I was able to call the other people in the house who had no idea and they got him for me.

Rachel D.
7 days ago

Too big!

I was excited to get this in the email but was horribly disappointed to see it was TOO BIG for my Chihuahua.

Charles T.
8 days ago

We run a pet Search and Rescue, and when we recover the lost dogs, we always recommend they purchase a Fi collar.

Headshot of Karl Allen

Karl Allen

Black River search and Rescue

Saved me again

So fun! Love @fi.dogs, saved me again just today when my (4 day post-spay surgery) husky decided she had enough rest and needed a run! Found her in less than 2 mins with her Fi! Could have taken much longer and possibly injured her healing area if it wasn't for her Fi Collar.💛🐶🐾💛

Nicole S.
8 days ago

Don't care about the activity

I use this to check on my dog when I am away. All I care about is the gps tracking, pls stop telling me about my dogs steps or activity. I don't care about that, just give me a map.

Caesar R.
9 days ago

Fi Collar vs Apple Airtag?

The Fi collar uses GPS while apple airtags require an iphone to be around to locate your dog. I have the Fi Collar on my hound mix and I really like it. The battery life it pretty great, we get 2-4 weeks out of it depending on what we’re doing. Our daycare takes off all collars, so its not very useful for our daycare but it’s great for everything else.

1 month ago

As a practicing veterinarian for over 35 years, I’ve always searched for ways to keep my patients safe and healthy. With Fi, pet parents are held accountable for their pup’s exercise routine and can set individual activity goals to make sure your dog stays in good physical health.

Headshot of Dr. Jeff Werber

Dr. Jeff Werber

Fi consultant and Emmy
award-winning veterinarian

The longest-lasting tracking device on the market.


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