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Helping Connie save her newly rescued pup Astro

I’m so glad to have peace of mind now... as long as he has his Fi Collar on I know I’m always going to be able to bring him back home.

Connie & Astro

Giving Ellie a sense of freedom

The app will notify us if she goes outside of the safe zone that I set... It has given her a lot more freedom and it has given us a lot more freedom. We just don’t worry anymore.

Sarah & Ellie

No fence? No problem.

The longest its ever taken to find him has been 10 minutes [and it was over a mile away]... We’re alerted, so we now know the minute he steps off the property.

Carl & Goose
Five stars

She took off again tonight. I got the alert and found her 2.4 miles away, exactly where the map pinpointed her. Very impressed and saved me hours.

Kevin H.
Ollie's Angels worker holding adorable puppies

1600 miles,
21 puppies,
1 Subaru.

When the coronavirus pandemic threatened the closure of one shelter in South Carolina, Ollie’s Angels did what they always do - came to the rescue.

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Rescue is our favorite breed

We work with hundreds of rescues to protect flight-risk pups from getting out both in foster and at their forever homes.

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