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Helping Connie save her newly rescued pup Astro

I’m so glad to have peace of mind now... as long as he has his Fi Collar on I know I’m always going to be able to bring him back home.

Connie & Astro

Giving Ellie a sense of freedom

The app will notify us if she goes outside of the safe zone that I set... It has given her a lot more freedom and it has given us a lot more freedom. We just don’t worry anymore.

Sarah & Ellie

No fence? No problem.

The longest its ever taken to find him has been 10 minutes [and it was over a mile away]... We’re alerted, so we now know the minute he steps off the property.

Carl & Goose
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Christopher G.
5 days ago

Never hiccupped once

I just experienced a three-dog jailbreak. And they had at least fifteen-minute head start on me. Escaped through three open doors. Massive failure on my part. I grabbed my phone and opened Fi, and initiated Lost Dog Mode. Immediately I knew which direction to head. I was amazed at how far they'd gotten. Only our Husky had a tracker, but the other two were right behind her. Within minutes I had them in sight. I got a hold of the Beagles right away. The Husky decided to play games. Fortunately, she was distracted by another dog down in the campground they were traipsing around in (and oh yea, they went for a lake swim, too). With Husky in hand, we haded home for treats. Fi never hiccupped once. I had immediate location updates, even with very hilly terrain and trees. Fi proved itself today!

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Kyla B.
5 days ago

Great product

This morning my Catahoula/coon hound mix, Chai, took off after a deer. We found her in 15 minutes, about 1.5 miles away, thanks to her Fi collars. Thank you, Fi, for your great product and your superb customer service!

star rating
Jackie L.
6 days ago

Highly recommend

We went down to the beach for a few hours and when we got back in the car I noticed my phone had many missed calls and messages about a cute dog roaming the street with my phone number on her tag - and these messages were hours old. My heart sank 💔. When we left her she decided finding her family was more important than a new ham bone and jumped through the balcony to find us. Loba wears a Fi-collar. The rescue we adopted her from actually gave us one. I am SO glad they did. I opened the Fi-collar app and had her exact, real-time location within seconds. I marked her as missing and I had her back within minutes. You can bet I'm now a huge advocate for this collar. If you have a dog I highly recommend looking into them.

star rating
Rachel D.
7 days ago

Helped me get my escape artist back!

This is the best! I got it for my dog in December because he's an escape artist... today I was at work and I got an alert that my dog left home... because of that I was able to call the other people in the house who had no idea and they got him for me.

star rating
Nicole S.
8 days ago

Saved me again

So fun! Love @fi.dogs, saved me again just today when my (4 day post-spay surgery) husky decided she had enough rest and needed a run! Found her in less than 2 mins with her Fi! Could have taken much longer and possibly injured her healing area if it wasn't for her Fi Collar.💛🐶🐾💛

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Christy S.
10 days ago

Helps with our 14 year old deaf Terrier

Last winter I bought my 14 1/2 year old Terrier Mix a Fi Collar. It has been the best thing I did. She isn't really an escape artist. We live on almost 6 acres and she is now deaf so. It has totally given me peace of mind knowing where she is on our property. I have attached a bell to her collar so that we can hear where she is. I would recommend this collar to anyone. I wish I thought about getting a GPS collar way before this. Fi is AWESOME.

star rating
Debbie D.
12 days ago

Best investment for our pet!

Love this collar! It works great. Our German Shepherd took off after a deer and we were able to track him very easily. Best investment for our pet!!

star rating
Tiffani A.
14 days ago

Found my huskies in minutes

I was able to find my huskies within 10 minus of realizing they had escaped (they had been gone for 25 minutes) thanks to their Fi collars. We bought these a year ago hoping this would never happen... But yes, peace of mind. Thank goodness for GPS collars!

Ollie's Angels worker holding adorable puppies

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When the coronavirus pandemic threatened the closure of one shelter in South Carolina, Ollie’s Angels did what they always do - came to the rescue.

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