Fi LTE vs.
3G Trackers

See how we compare to other smart collars.

The first smart collar on the LTE-M low power cellular network.

This network was specifically designed for devices like ours and offers us two major benefits:

battery life

cellular range

Battery Life

The LTE-M network is optimized for battery life

What does this mean?
Vastly improved battery performance vs. 3G pet trackers.

Battery Life

Fi Smart Collar

Whistle Explore/Go

3G Collars
Whistle 3, Link, Tractive

Dog at home onlyWiFi Mode

Fi Smart Collar:

Up to 3 months

Whistle Go
& Explore:

30 days – Explore
15 days – Go

3G collars:

2 weeks

Walks outside homeWiFi & GPS/Cellular

Fi Smart Collar:

Up to 2 months
GPS reports
every 2-5min

Whistle Go
& Explore:

10 days – Explore
5 days – Go

3G collars:

Up to 1 week
GPS reports
pulled manually via the app

Active dogsUsing GPS only & no WiFi

Fi Smart Collar:

Up to 3 weeks
GPS reports
every 2-5min

Whistle Go
& Explore:

5 days – Explore
3 days – Go

3G collars:

Up to 3 days
GPS reports
pulled manually via the app

Lost Dog ModeLearn more

Fi Smart Collar:

Up to 2 days
1 minute refresh

Whistle Go
& Explore:

9 hours
Go & Explore

3G collars:

6.5 hours
1 minute refresh

Extended Cellular Coverage

Up To 30%
More Coverage

The LTE-M network has 20-30% more cellular coverage across the US than the regular 3G/LTE networks.

This means that we can track your dog in areas that 3G trackers cannot. So, if a previous 3G pet tracker has not worked in your area before - there’s a good chance Fi will.

Low Energy

BLE is used by all modern phones to communicate with other devices (Airpods, Fitbits, etc.).

The Fi collar leverages all BLE enabled devices in its proximity to determine its location very accurately and relay all tracking information to your Fi app.

Fi Original Stories

Helping Connie recover her newly rescued pup

I’m so glad to have peace of mind now... as long as he has his Fi Collar on I know I’m always going to be able to bring him back home Connie & Astro

“Had one for about a month and so far we love it. We do a lot of hiking off leash and this helps us keep track of our boxer Jake!”
Jake's Dad

“Fi helped me find my lost dog today! He wandered away while I was distracted. I couldn’t find him for about 30 minutes and was really panicked... I can’t say enough how awesome this collar is! Jack is safe and sound at home 😍”Jack's Dad

“We use our collar everyday! It's been a great way to keep track of his exercise goals and remind ourselves to get him out, even when it's cold, dark, or raining 🌧”

“Just saved my girl last night. She went on a freedom run at 9pm. Never would have found her ... without it.”Stephanie Bishop

“Unbeatable battery life”

“Walked Parker today around Boulder with Fi. The 3-month battery life is awesome! Had the collar on for 7 days and it's at 92% full!”

“I bought one for Beauregard it works like a charm. I don’t worry about what neighbor's house he is visiting. I just look on my phone.”Beauregard's Dad

“I found her thanks to Fi 🤗. I now know exactly where Sadie is. I also get a notification whenever she leaves the safe zone and it tracks her steps and location in real time!”

“The longest lasting tracking device on the market”

Fi Original Stories

Giving Ellie a
sense of freedom

With the safe zones the app will notify us if she goes outside of the safe zone that I set... It has given her a lot more freedom and it has given us a lot more freedom. We just don’t worry anymore Sarah & Ellie

Fi Original Stories

Hide & seek with
Goose the dog

The longest it’s ever taken to find him has been 10 minutes [and it was over a mile away]... We’re alerted, so we now know the minute he steps off the property Mandy, Carl & Goose


Battery icon

Unmatched Battery Life

Up to 3 months between charges under
typical usage conditions.

Shield icon

Durable Design & 1yr Warranty

Chew-proof, water-proof (even the ocean), and generally dog-proof.

Cell coverage icon

Service & Coverage

With the new LTE-M Network, always have the best coverage no matter where you are in the US.

An image of the Fi collar