A New Breed
Of Dog Collar

The all-new Series 3 collar keeps them
safe with live tracking, and fit with
daily step and activity goals.

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Track your dog anytime, anywhere

Harness the power of GPS and LTE-M Cellular network to remotely track your dog 24/7.

Running dog
1 in 3 dogs will get
lost in their lifetime

7,000,000 dogs go missing every year. Fi alerts you as soon as your dog escapes and helps you track them to recovery.

Travel in Peace

Keep an eye on your dog when you are on a trip. Whether they are with family or in boarding, you can make sure they stay safe and active.

Dog Walkers / Day Care

Fi notifies you when your dog gets picked up and brought back. Invite your walker to Fi and keep an eye on the dog while being walked by a walker.

Airtag + GPS.
A different breed.

Airtags use the proximity of iPhones to track objects. If your dog is not within 200ft from an iPhone, the Airtag system won’t be able to find them. Airtags do not have GPS or LTE to function independently. Without an iPhone around they can’t locate anything.

Up to 3 months on one charge

The Fi Series 3 is a record setting, power-efficient smart collar that you can put on your dog and forget about for weeks. Fi uses its proprietary algorithms to achieve this incredible battery life.

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Dog looking very glamourous in its collar
Dog looking very glamourous in its collar


When your dog is lost every second counts. Series 3 offers instant live tracking on GPS in lost dog mode, so you can track your dog’s every move.

Be the best dog parent you can be

Bar chart
Steps & Activity tracking

Keep track of your dog’s steps and compare his activity to other similar dogs. Use Fi to set the right step goal and correctly balance activity vs. rest.

The moon
Sleep monitoring

Fi monitors your dog while resting and at night. Sleep patterns can reveal emerging health issues and Fi makes sure you don’t miss anything.

A healthy pulse
Keep your dog in the best shape of their life

Fi Strain Score helps you properly balance activity, rest and sleep for your breed of dog.

A dog leaping
A dog leaping


Up 10%

Rising chart of step counts

It's like Airtags but with GPS

Brian O.

The strength of the collar being tested

The lightest, strongest device ever built for dogs

Fi Series 3 sports a full stainless steel body frame allowing for more than 400lbs of static force.

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The strength of the collar being tested

Let them swim!
Waterproof tested IP68 and IP66K

The Fi Series 3 is the most waterproof device ever put on a dog. Tested to the IP68 and IP66K standard under water.

Running pit-bulls

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