The collar that never stops tracking your dog

GPS Tracking 

Instantly track your dog’s location no matter where they are in the US.

  • Track your dog 24/7 on the new LTE-M network.
  • Keep an eye on dog walkers and caretakers.
  • Unmatched battery life. Put it on and forget about it.

Stop Escape Artists

Create safe zones and be notified when your dog escapes.

  • Leave your dog in the backyard, and make sure they stay there.
  • Receive escape notifications on your phone.
  • Traveling? Create as many Safe Zones as you need.

Natural Athletes

Keep your dog active and healthy.

  • Hit your dog’s daily, weekly, and monthly step goals.
  • Compare your score with other dogs in your area.
  • See how active they are when you’re not there.


Add as many owners to your Fi account as you need. Or give temporary access to a walker to keep your pup safe and protect your privacy.


The Fi Collar is water proof (IP68 rating) and is tested for complete immersion in river and salt ocean water. Time for a beach trip!

Image of the collar in a yellow band
Image of the collar in a grey band
Battery icon
Unmatched Battery Life

Average of 3 months between charges*, 20x more battery life than any other GPS tracking device.

*under typical usage conditions

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Durable Design & 1yr Warranty

Chew-proof, water-proof (even the ocean), and generally dog-proof. If anything does go wrong, we’re an email away.

Cell coverage icon
Service & Coverage

Fi is the only smart dog collar on the new LTE-M Network, which means you’ll always have the best coverage no matter where you are in the US.

*under typical usage conditions


An image of the Fi collar