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An exploded view of the Fi collar
An exploded view of the Fi collar

Airtag + GPS.
A different breed.

Airtags use the proximity of iPhones to track objects. If your dog is not within 200ft from an iPhone, the Airtag system won’t be able to find them. Airtags do not have GPS or LTE to function independently. Without an iPhone around they can’t locate anything.

Gps feature

40% more GPS satellites

Fi Series 3 uses three satellite positioning systems: GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo. That's a total of 78 satellites working around the world to locate your dog within a 6 foot radius.

Cellular feature

2x more LTE network reach

Fi is the first tracking collar to use the LTE-M low-power, long-distance cellular network.

The LTE-M signal reaches about 30% farther than any conventional cellular network. With Series 3, Fi achieves another 100% in signal sensitivity to ensure that your dogs can be located in the most remote areas.

Geofence feature

Escape detection

A critical factor in a dog’s recovery is the speed at which you are notified of their escape.

Fi uses proprietary algorithms to detect when your dog escapes and is the fastest, most accurate way to be notified and to recover your dog safely.

Read how Fi saved 21 puppies

Fi is like Airtags but works even without iPhone around. Our dog tends to run in the woods so it’s nice to feel safe and know that we can track him wherever he decides to run next!!

Headshot of Brian O.

Brian O.

Fi user

A dog looking up wearing a Fi collar
A dog looking up wearing a Fi collar

Fi Series 3

Apple AirTag

Pet Trackers

Fi Series 3

IP68 & IP66K
Highest standards available
Tested for water pressure & submersion

Apple AirTag

“Splash proof”
Light submersion only

Pet Trackers

Tested for submersion but not high pressure water exposure

Location Tracking
Fi Series 3

4 GPS satellite constellations tracks anywhere in the US

Apple AirTag

Requires an iPhone within 200 feet to locate your dog

Pet Trackers

2-3 GNSS systems for typical tracking devices

Battery Life
Fi Series 3

Up to 3 months
1.5-2 months in most conditions

Apple AirTag

12 months
No GPS tracking

Pet Trackers

1-2 weeks for typical tracking devices

Night Light
Fi Series 3

Pick from 7 colors to customize

Apple AirTag

No light

Pet Trackers

Not helpful for dog location

Fi Series 3

Stainless steel body to resist chewing, so a dog does not puncture the battery

Apple AirTag

Can be easily swallowed—not recommended on dogs or “living things” by Apple for this reason

Pet Trackers

Plastic body exposing the battery to dog bites that could lead to fire

Fi Series 3

28.0mm height
50.6mm width

11.5mm depth
28g weight

Apple AirTag

31.9mm height
31.9mm width

8mm depth
11g weight

Pet Trackers

36.83mm height
46.28mm width

15.5mm depth
34g weight

* dimensions for smallest pet tracker in the market after Fi Series 3

Keep your dog safe, even at night

Choose your favorite color and enjoy the peace of mind while your dog takes their night walk before heading to bed.

The Fi unit glowing red

The longest-lasting tracking device on the market.


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